This library provides the definitions and reference implementation for valoscript, the valospace ECMAScript dialect.

This document is part of the library workspace @valos/script (of domain @valos/kernel) which has the description: `ValOS Script API, schema`

Valoscript extends ECMAScript 5 object model transparently for manipulating valospace resources. The valoscript interpreter creates events from all valospace resource modification side-effects and groups all such side effects into transactions. Valoscript retains ECMAScript 5 syntax and semantics.

§ library @valos/script ontology, prefix valos_script

@valos/script ontology specifies the Valospace core types and properties directly to the @valos/kernel namespace.

§ @valos/script IRI prefixes

Prefix IRI

§ valos_script valos_kernel:Class vocabulary

rdfs:label rdfs:subClassOf

§ valos_script valos_kernel:Property vocabulary

rdfs:label rdfs:subPropertyOf rdfs:domain rdfs:range

§ valos_script valos_raem:Type vocabulary

rdfs:label revdoc:brief rdfs:subClassOf

§ valos_script valos_raem:Field vocabulary

rdfs:label rdfs:domain rdfs:range rdf:type rdfs:subPropertyOf valos_raem:coupledField

§ valos_script valos_raem:Resolver vocabulary

rdfs:label rdf:type Comment

§ valos_script remaining vocabulary

rdfs:label rdf:type rdfs:subClassOf

§ valos_script JSON-LD context term definitions

Term Definition @id @type @container