This document specifies SBomDoc, a VDoc extension for extracting and emitting CycloneDX BOM documents in various formats.

This document has not been reviewed. This is a draft document and may be updated, replaced or obsoleted by other documents at any time.

This document is part of the ValOS kernel specification.

The format is implemented and supported by @valos/sbomdoc npm package.

VSbomdoc is a VDoc extension which uses CycloneDX namespaces and can emit BOM documents in various formats.

§ The VSbomdoc fabric namespace of the library ontology of @valos/sbomdoc

'VSbomdoc' namespace provides vocabulary and definitions which are tailored for representing CycloneDX SBoM analysis semantic content.

§ VSbomdoc IRI prefixes

Prefix IRI

§ VSbomdoc VDoc classes The class of classes which are defined by vdoc or a vdoc extension

rdfs:subClassOf description

§ VSbomdoc VDoc properties The class of properties which are defined by vdoc or a vdoc extension

rdfs:domain rdfs:range

§ VSbomdoc remaining vocabulary

rdf:type rdfs:subClassOf


rdfs:class VDoc:Chapter A titled, possibly numbered chapter document node
description A Software Bill of Materials document

§ VSbomdoc JSON-LD context term definitions

Term Definition @id @type @container

§ VSbomdoc transformations

§ VSbomdoc extraction rules

Rule name Inter-node rdf:type Owner property Body property ';rest' property Comment

§ VSbomdoc extractee API

API identifier rdf:type

§ VSbomdoc emission output

§ VSbomdoc emission rules

ReVDoc provides html emission rules for VDoc:Document VSbomdoc:Document