This document is the first introduction for valonauts - the primary content creators - to the ValOS ecosystem and its core tools.

This document is part of the vault workspace @valos/kernel (of domain @valos/kernel) which has the description: `ValOS common infrastructure tools and libraries monorepository`.

§ How do I create and share interactive content?

As a valonaut you create, share and deploy web content and interactive applications fully from inside valospace.

You use a web editor called Zero and with it employ traditional web technologies; HTML5, CSS and the Javascript dialect valoscript

The skills you learn to do this are like cycling or writing - they are used to support your other interests. While you don't need to become a professional you certainly can!

§ Valonaut profiles

Valonaut is generic orientation. There are various valonaut sub-profiles with their own documents briefly detailed here.

§ How everyone is a valonaut

§ How to manage personal tools and data

§ How to learn to code with Zero

§ How to rapidly create interactive prototypes

§ How to add new profiles

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